The Hasson Yerushalmy Ministry  was founded in 1975. It was built on the basis of supplying full professional urban planning and advanced civil engineering.

Hasson Yerushalmy offers a range of civil engineering planning services, conducted by engineers and staff who are experts in their respective fields.

Road Planning

Railroad Planning

Airport runway and Port Planning

Special department for Traffic planning

Special department for Hydrology and Drainage Planning

The firm provides engineering design services for public institutions such as the Israeli National Roads Company, the Israeli Land Administration, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Construction and Housing, Israel Ports and more.

Hasson Yerushalmy also works with the private sector, providing services for Danya Cebus, Solel Boneh and other private entrepreneurs.

In its 37 years of experience, the office has planned hundreds of roads, industrial areas, ports, rail lines and neighbourhoods, each project living up to Hasson Yerushalmy’s reputation of maintaining the highest standards and level of professionalism.

Hasson Yerushalmy will continue to lead civil engineering design in Israel and pave the way for new standards in the industry.