action and development

Hasson Yerushalmy has planned hundreds of civil engineering projects of an unprecedented variety. We are proud to introduce our success in various fields of designing, planning and developing the surface of the State of Israel.



Kfar Hayarok interchange

South Raanana interchange

Road #444 between Kasem and Eyal

Tefen-Maálot Road

Road #25 – Beersheva-Dimona

Extension of Omer

Extension of Meitar

Industrial area Mitzpe Sapir

Osem’s logistics Centre

Extension of Lehavim

Hatzerim neighbourhood Beersheva

Road #531

Industrial area of Sha’ar Ha’Negev

Extension of Tarom

Yovel Port - Ashdod

Extension of Nocham

Extension of Bar Giora

Industrial area of Hatzav

Industrial area of Cochin

Surrounding Road Zaátra

Surrounding Road Ýaávar

Modiín Buchman neighbourhood     

Eilat Shachamun neighbourhood

Bnei Barak Tzipor area

Sothern Ayalon Project – Moshe Dayan-Rabin section

Southern Ayalon Project – Kommemiyut – Dayan section

Road #358

Eastern Railways

Beersehva surrounding road (Road #40)

Jabotinsky St Petah Tikva  - upgrade