Hasson Yerushalmy – Planning your future

The will to move has existed since the dawn of human civilisation. Freedom of movement is a given in modern times and the quality of movement is just as important as the movement itself.

Hasson Yerushalmy specialises in planning civil engineering projects like roads, airports, interchanges and ports. The Hasson Yerushalmy team consists of the leading experts in civil engineering who are paving the way for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly infrastructure.

We are proud to present a plethora of projects, large and small, designed by us and implemented by private entities and government organizations. We will continue to plan the path to Israel’s future.  


Road 40 – bypass through Eastern Beersheva

The first project to be conducted under the ‘design implementation’ of the Public Works Department received much praise

This is a two lane highway in both directions and includes two interchanges. It has a smooth driving speed of 100 km/h which allows for significant travel time reduction each way.

Seam line project

This complex and challenging project defines and structures the Israeli border according to various aspects including geographical, political, legal and demographic aspects.

The project required careful preparation, taking into account professional solutions for engineering obstacles such as difficult topography across streams and problematic surfaces.

The project was completed with maximum success.