Railway Planning

In terms of transport and traffic, Israel is known as one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The creation of modern and efficient railway systems and multiple railway lines is the best solution, not only for reducing traffic but reducing greenhouse gasses as well.

Hasson Yerushalmy has planned many railways that have significantly changed and improved the traffic and general movement of Israeli civilians and industries from place to place.  

Through planning quality, efficient and safe railways, Hasson Yerushalmy sees itself fulfilling an ecological vision that respects nature while benefiting civilians.

The following railway tracks were designed and implemented successfully:

-          Sharon Beach Railway – planning fast railways including stations. 24 km in length

-          Ashdod Railway – planning the sorting station and all port railways

-          Eastern Railway – From Lod Airport to Rosh Haáyin, including 3 passenger stations, 14 km in length

-          Kiryat Gat to Ashkelon Railway

-          Doubling the tracks from Atlit to Binyamina

-          Jerusalem Railway – advanced planning (A1)

-          Ramleh to Modiín Railway – advanced planning